Must Love Books by Shauna Robinson

5 Stars

This was exactly the book I needed to read right now.  I love books about books theme, they’re some of my favorite books to read because the character in the book is just as obsessed with books as I am.

Nora Hughes has been working the same job title for 5 years while increasingly receiving more and more responsibilities, without the promotion and actually getting a pay reduction instead of a raise.  Not knowing how to make ends meet, Nora takes on a secondary job with another publishing company, a big no-no in the industry.  Nora is trying to simultaneously juggle both jobs while also starting a relationship with an author that if she can get signed onto her publishers, could mean a lot for Nora and her career going forward. 

When Nora gets caught having the two jobs, she must figure out her next step forward and what will truly make her happy in life.  

This was such a feel good novel, I emphasized with Nora so much with everything she was going through.  It was heartbreaking to read her thoughts of suicide but the author portrayed it in such a great way that I was rooting for Nora the whole time she was having her dark thoughts about her internal monsters.  

I loved how this book touched so much on a Black woman working in publishing and the struggles the main character Nora felt with that.  I don’t feel like it’s talked about enough in books, especially in romance books.  

This romance is also one of my favorite types of romance because of the spice level.  There weren’t too many details and it had more of the fade out moments which I love to read.  The romance was more based around support and sweetness and I loved reading it between the two characters.

I cannot wait to see what Shauna Robinson comes up with next, she is now an auto-buy author for me.

*Many thanks to Sourcebooks for the gifted copy for my honest review!*

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