Dark Roads by Chevy Stevens


I’m pretty sure this is my favorite book of 2021, hands down.  As I’ve read all of Chevy Steven’s other books, I can confidently say this is also my favorite book of hers.

This was a dark, depressing, disturbing story told by two traumatized young girls that will leave your heart wrenched and possibly make you cry.

The story is based about Cold Creek Highway where young girls turn into prey for serial killers.  More and more girls end up missing and are eventually forgotten.  Hailey McBride recently lost her dad in a car accident and her mom passed away a few years before that.  She is trying to start a new life at her Aunt Lara’s house with her husband Vaughn and her niece.  Vaughn is a police officer who is super strict so Hailey almost feels like a prisoner in her own home.  Then Hailey discovers something about Vaughn that shocks her and makes her realize she’s in grave danger.

Ya’ll, this book is gripping.  The suspense and twists never stop and I was legitimately gasping at points in this book.  After Hailey flees her Aunt’s house she ends up living in the wilderness and befriending a wolf and that’s where more of the intensity builds up.  

Then Hailey finds a body and that’s where we’re introduced to our other narrator Beth who is looking for her sister Amber who’s path eventually crosses with Haileys.

I cannot recommend this book enough, the characters are so well crafted and you feel every emotion that these girls are going through.  

*Many thanks to St. Martins Press for the gifted copy for my honest review!*

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