The Ex-Husband by Karen Hamilton

3 Stars

This is the third or fourth Karen Hamilton book I’ve read and while I gave her first book five stars, I’ve rated every book after that pretty low.  This book was all right, not as good as her first book but better than the others I have read.  Also, I don’t want you to think I go into these books expecting them to get a low rating, I really do go into them with high hopes that it will get a higher rating and that I’ll really enjoy it.

Charlotte doesn’t have the greatest past but she finally has her act together and has improved herself.  She married Sam at too young of an age and feel for his sweet talk even though he was a con artist, she got sucked right in.

Now her husband is missing and Charlotte begins receiving threatening messages.  Fearing for her life, Charlotte takes a job as a personal assistant on a luxury cruise ship thinking whoever is threatening her couldn’t possibly find her out in the middle of the ocean.  

As the cruise sails through magnificent cities, the threats continue and strange things begin happening, Charlotte realizes the person or persons is on board with her and this person is out for revenge.

I did enjoy the atmosphere of the book, I was honestly jealous of the characters and all of the beautiful places described that they got to travel to.  The suspense and twists were just lacking for me though.  I wasn’t shocked at all by the ending because it really wasn’t that big of a twist.  

*Many thanks to Graydon House for the gifted copy for my honest review!*

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