A sliver of darkness by c.j. tudor

3 Stars

End of the Liner – 3 Stars

The Block – 2 Stars

Runaway Blues – 3 Stars

The Completion – 3 Stars

The Lion at the Gate – 2 Stars

Gloria – 4 Stars

I’m Not Ted – 4 Stars

Final Course – 4 Stars

The Copy Shop – 4 Stars

Dust – 5 Stars

Butterfly Island – 5 Stars

C.J. Tudor has been of my favorite horror authors for awhile so I was really excited that she made an anthology of her works. I definitely enjoyed the latter half of this book more than I did the beginning. Some of the stories were just plain weird and others genuinely freaked me out and I wished it was a full novel and not just a short story. Overall a pretty good collection of stories though.

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