Out of the ashes by kara thomas


Wow, wow, wow! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Kara Thomas’s young adult books but she blew my mind with this adult thriller. I couldn’t put this book down, every opportunity I had my nose buried in this book. The plot twists were some of the twistiest I’ve read in awhile, I’m pretty sure my eyes were bugging out of my head at times while audibly gasping hard enough to startle my cats. And I cried, I CRIED! I don’t think a thriller has ever made me cry but all of the family aspects really got to me and I was swimming in a pile of Kleenex when I finished it. I loved the character Sam with her take no crap attitude and how determined she was. I loved the setting of this book with its small town, honestly there was nothing I didn’t like about this book. Hands down one of my favorite books of the year.

Many thanks to Thomas & Mercer for the gifted copy for my honest review.

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