The Club by Ellery Lloyd

2 Stars

Well this was a bit of a disappointment. I actually had high hopes for this book even though I haven’t read their other book, the premise and synopsis intrigued me and I was really excited to read it.

This book is about an exclusive celebrity club with locations across the world that have the most luxurious accommodations you could possibly imagine. The owner Ned is opening a new location and has planned a three-day launch party to celebrate with only the top A-list celebrities on the list. But mysterious things begin happening and everyone has something to hide, including his staff. Then the bodies begin piling up and everyone’s secrets are about to be exposed.

The book was told from 5 point of views which was a little much for me, I couldn’t keep the character’s names straight with the story that matched up with them. I had to constantly go back to see whose chapter I was on until I got used to their voices and mannerisms. All of the characters were fine but the main thing about this book that I didn’t like was how much it dragged for me. It felt really drawn out when just trying to explain the smallest thing and with so many different characters even outside of the main characters, this was a difficult read.

I knew going into this book it wasn’t going to be a thriller, it was more of a mystery but you have to make it through almost 75% of the book before anything starts really happening. Little tidbits are dropped here and there but for the exciting parts of the book you have to slog through a lot.

Maybe celebrity, drama-filled mysteries just aren’t for me. I contemplated DNFing this book numerous times but decided just to power through and get it done. This is a book I will quickly forget I ever read even if the writing style wasn’t the worst I’ve ever read.

Many thanks to Harper Collins for the gifted copy for my honest review

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