The Space Between Lost and Found by Sandy Stark-McGinnis


Thank you so much to Bloomsbury for the complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

Oh my goodness, my heart hurts after finishing this book. It was so, so good but so sad at the same time. I’m still slowly dipping my toes into the middle grade genre but I absolutely loved all the representation in this book and how it’s main focus was a girl living and learning how to cope with her mom having early onset Alzheimer’s. The main character Cassie was so good with her mom even though it was killing her inside and outside characters were not as supportive as she was.

I don’t want readers to go into this book expecting a happy, uplifting book because it’s not, it’s actually really sad and hard hitting. But that’s what makes it so important especially for younger readers that maybe have a family member or a friend that’s going through what the main character is. The way the author represented Alzheimer’s was amazing, she showed the good and the ugly side of it but also gave a lot of great ways on how to cope with it and how to help.

This is definitely one of my favorite middle grade books and I have already bought my own copy so that I can reread this again and again. Sandy Stark-McGinnis, you did amazing.

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