Review of Love & Luck by Jenna Evans Welch

4 out of 5 stars

After hearing great things about this author I decided to give her books a try.  I haven’t read her first book but I was intrigued by this one and it was super cute.

This book is about Addie who is still heartbroken over her ex-boyfriend Cubby who unfortunately has to attend her aunt’s wedding in Ireland with her three brothers and mom.  After the wedding her and her brother Ian are supposed to travel to Italy to visit her best friend but her brother has other plans in mind.  With the help of a guy named Rowan that her brother met online and a travel guide for how to get over heartbreak in Ireland, Addie might finally be able to move past what happened while seeing her brother in a completely different way.

I thought this book was super cute and I loved the characters in it.  Addie cracked me up because she reminds me so much of myself; sarcastic, a little tomboyish, and a whiz with cars.  Multiple times throughout the book I found myself cracking up at the situations that they went through and I overall really enjoyed this read.  Hopefully the author’s first book is as good as this one was.

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