Review of The Suspect by Fiona Barton


Holy moly this was such a good book. I have loved Fiona Barton since her first book The Widow and I’m so glad she has continued on with her Kate Waters character throughout her book. This was a great mystery, thriller, suspense all wrapped into one and I enjoyed it so much.

This story follows reporter Kate Waters as she follows a story about two girls that have gone missing in Thailand. Kate herself hasn’t heard from her oldest son in awhile since he left university to travel around so she feels the story touches close to her heart and wants to dig deeper. After speaking with both the girls mothers and the local police, a fire breaks out where the girls were staying and two bodies are found. Just when Kate thinks the story can’t get any crazier she finds out her son Jake that she has not seen or spoken to in awhile may be involved also.

I loved how this story would have chapters from the two girls points of view before they went missing. You got to hear the back story from them firsthand instead of just hearing about it from the other characters. It really bumped up the suspense of this novel and made it that much better. I love Kate Waters character as I have for Fiona Barton’s two previous books and I love how she was personally affected by this, not just writing a story about two girls going missing. This novel had so much suspense and I never got bored of reading it. I finished this book in less than two days and now I’m sad that it’s over and can’t wait to see what the author has coming out next.

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