Review of Just for Clicks by Kara McDowell

5 out of 5 stars!

Thank you so much to Amberjack Publishing and NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my review.

I actually really really liked this book which actually surprised me. This isn’t my typical genre of book and I haven’t read a book like this since I was a teenager. I think since I have followed a couple of youtubers since they started is one main reason I liked this book so much. I loved the authors writing style and I loved the character of Claire.

Claire and her twin sister Poppy are YouTube stars that have been on the internet since their mom’s blog from before they were born. Their YouTube channel is focused on fashion, makeup, and tutorials and brands that want to sponsor them. While Poppy loves it and is constantly trying to make the channel better, Claire is tired of her every move being on the internet and is ready to call it quits which would mean disappointing her mom and her sister. Claire has never felt like she’s truly a part of the family and when she finds her mom’s old journals buried in a closet she finally realizes why. All Claire wants to do is go to college, continue her computer coding, and get to know the new guy in school better. She must make a big decision about whether she should continue to do what is expected of her or if she should start living her own life the way she wants to.

When I first read the synopsis for this book I didn’t think I would really enjoy it. This is a book I would have loved as a teenager and honestly thought I might be too old to read it. But then I started reading it and really enjoyed it. I’m so glad I found this author and hope to read more by her!

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