Review of The Second Wife by Sheryl Browne

5 out of 5 stars very well deserved!!

** spoiler alert **

Thank you so much to Bookouture and NetGalley for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for my review.

Holy moly this book was so good. I’ve never read anything by Sheryl Brown before and this was amazing. Perfect mix of suspense, romance, and drama all rolled into a book I couldn’t put down.

When Rebecca’s best friend Nicole dies of apparent suicide, Rebecca can’t believe that her friend would do that. Nicole had been in an abusive relationship for years and after swearing off guys for good met a new seemingly amazing guy and got married fairly quickly. So why did she choose to take her own life? After meeting Richard and his daughter Olivia at the funeral, Rebecca finds herself inexplicably drawn to Richard and understands what her friend saw in him. After moving in with them after a very short amount of time Rebecca begins to see what Nicole didn’t see in the beginning either. With help from a good friend and guy that was in love with Nicole, Rebecca plans a way to get revenge for her best friend and for the other women tainted by a man disguising his true self.

This book was beyond excellent. I was immediately hooked from the beginning and could not put it down if my life depended on it. I loved how it went from past with Nicole to the present day with Rebecca living with Richard and Olivia. At first I thought Rebecca was falling for the same things that Nicole did and that irked me like you would not believe until I realized she had known all along how he really was. I loved how instead of cowering down and taking it like she was supposed to, she found the perfect way to exact revenge on him and his supposed daughter.

I’m so glad this book touched on the topic of how people can be so deceiving and look a certain way but underneath all of that they are a completely different person. I’m a huge fan of any book that touches on domestic abuse and husbands just after their wives money because it is a huge problem that never seems to go away no matter how many times it happens.

Thank you again to Bookouture and NetGalley for sending me a copy of this book. I enjoyed it so so much.

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