Review of Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver

5 out of 5 stars!

Thank you so so much to Lauren Oliver for pulling me out of this dang book funk that’s been plaguing me for what seems like a month. I’m so glad I picked up this book and that it sucked me in from the very beginning.

This book is about sisters Nick and Dara who were extremely close growing up but after a car accident that leaves Dara badly injured, the sisters rarely speak anymore. Add in the fact that they both like their childhood best friend Parker and the relationship becomes even more strained. When Nick comes home from staying with her dad she realizes how bad the accident has affected not only Dara but her mother as well. Then Dara goes missing on her birthday and gets added in with another girl that went missing recently. Nick wants to try and mend their relationship and tries to find her with the help of Parker.

I know this book has gotten a lot of not so great reviews but I found that I really enjoyed it. I loved that it jumped from alternate times, before the accident and after the accident which was the present tense. It’s impressive when a book can hook me this much when the sister didn’t even go missing till more than halfway through the book.

I loved both characters equally, Dara being the rebel bad child and Nick being the good one that always looked out for her younger sister and tried to help her. I myself am an only child so I never got to experience the sibling rivalry and closeness but to me this book was relatable because the sisters were best friends at one point in time. I loved how both of them had their own imperfections and flaws, even Nick who was normally the good child, was hiding her own secrets from everyone else.

This was a very dark book in certain aspects but that just added to the intrigue and mystery of it all. I unlike everyone else did not see the plot twist coming at the end, we’ll blame it on that stupid reading block I had, and I was honestly shocked. I apparently missed all the hints and clues thrown in throughout the book but I think that’s what really sold me on the book. I had no clue that was going to happen and then I was really sad the book was over.

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