Review of This Lie Will Kill You

Happy Sunday bookish community!  I have been in the worst book funk ever for about 2 weeks now and it’s slowly driving me insane.  I thought reading this book would help me out and I’m not sure if my book funk is clouding my judgement but I really disliked this book so watch as I fall more into my book funk now.

2 out of 5 stars

The synopsis of this book was telling me yes, yes, yes. And then I read the book and all I’m saying is a big fat no.

I am in a huge book funk right now and just about every book I’ve started reading is not intriguing me whatsoever so that may be clouding my judgement of this book but I really, REALLY didn’t like it. Like, gave up with less than 100 pages left.

This book is about a group of friends that a year after a tragedy are trying to put their lives back to normal and forget what happened. Then a mysterious invitation shows up in their mailboxes inviting them to a party with an incentive, a $50,000 scholarship to whoever wins. When the friends show up to the mystery party, they slowly realize everyone’s part in the tragedy a year prior and someone is getting their revenge.

I was so excited to read this book, I was thinking part Clue and part Pretty Little Liars. (I know the others compare it to Riverdale but I never jumped on that wagon). I hated the writing style and I caught myself numerous times rewriting certain parts of the book, that’s never good if I do that. I couldn’t get into the story and the way it bounced around between all the characters drove me insane.

Also, some of the ways the author would have Ruby think and talk completely stumped me. The way her and Shane talked to each other honestly made me think of a modern day Romeo and Juliet and not in a good way.

Another sad thing is I LOVE horror movies, that’s pretty much the only genre of movies that I watch. Reading the synopsis of this book I got total I Know What You Did Last Summer vibes and I was super stoked for that. Which yes, the dolls were creepy but I’m one of those people that think porcelain dolls are freaky, have my whole life. But that was literally the only scary part of this whole book (in my opinion). I just expected a lot more from this.

I have never read anything by Chelsea Pitcher before and I don’t plan on reading anything by her after this book.

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