The Luminaries by Susan Dennard

2 Stars

The one thing I will warn about this book is don’t read the synopsis before going into it, you will literally be spoiled for everything “big” that happens in this book. Luckily I never read the synopsis before starting a book but when I glanced it over afterwards, everything was there.

This is the first book I’ve read by Susan Dennard and I had pretty high hopes after hearing all the hype around her other books. This one just felt a little dull to me. I really didn’t care for the main character Winnie, a lot of her actions and thoughts honestly grated my teeth (just like her teeth clicking was annoying) and how much she deceived everyone annoyed me as well.

This book also felt very poorly structured to me, I didn’t feel like there was any resolution whatsoever and no cliffhangers to tempt me to read the next book. I’m honestly confused as to what the next book could even be about and I personally have no interest in continuing on with the sequel. Also, I’m the type of reader that needs some good world building to really get into the story and this book definitely lacked in that.

I was very interested in the story in the beginning, I was intrigued by the nightmares and how these young teenagers and adults are the hunters to keep this town safe. But I quickly started to lose interest with the lackluster details and overall not great visualization of the story. The only part I’m mildly interested in is finding out more about the Dad but other than that, I can’t see myself picking up the sequel to this book and I’m also hesitant to read her other works if they’re anything like this book was.

Thanks to Macmillan-Tor/Forge for the copy for my review.

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