The Island by Adrian McKinty

5 Stars!

Y’all, I don’t even know where to start with this review. My jaw is still on the floor after reading the last page. I have not read The Chain or any other books by this author but wow, do I want to read every single one of them now.

This story follows Heather who after moving from a small town marries Tom, a widowed doctor with two children. Heather and the children decide to join him on a working trip to Australia and make it a family vacation. Heather doesn’t have the best relationship with her new stepchildren but is trying her hardest even when they want nothing to do with her. When an opportunity to explore a remote island this is off-limits to outsider arises, the kids are desperate to go so Heather and Tom agree. As soon as they’re on the island they realize they’ve made a mistake, the island is ran by a very tight knit family and there’s a reason outsiders aren’t allowed in. Then a deadly accident occurs that will change everyone’s lives and leave the family fighting for their lives.

I was not expecting to get sucked into this book so fast but it immediately starts off with a bang and just doesn’t stop. There were no slow spots in this book to be found and every second was action-packed and had me holding my breath. I can’t remember the last time a thriller gripped me so tightly and had me flying through the pages. If you’re looking for a book with endless twists and with a cat and mouse type feel, definitely pick this one up, you will not be disappointed. It’s dark, raw, gritty, gory, but such a fantastic read.

*Many thanks to Little Brown and Company for the complimentary copy for my honest review!*

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