These Deadly Games by Diana Urban

3 Stars

I’ve never read anything else by this author before so I have nothing to compare her writing to but the writing style wasn’t bad. Maybe I’m getting too old for the young adult variety of thrillers but this one was a little too out there and farfetched for me. I’m sure a teenager reading this book would really enjoy it but as an adult reading all the scenarios that played out, it was a little too unbelievable.

Crystal receives an anonymous message on a mysterious app of her sister being bound and the kidnapper wants her to play their game. She must complete some bizarre tasks and if she fails to complete them, her sister dies. Then Crystal realizes all these tasks are meant to hurt or possibly kill her friends so she must make the impossible choice; does she keep her friends sage or save her sister?

Not a terrible young adult thriller by any means, just wasn’t that great to me. The beginning did suck me in with the little sister getting kidnapped but I kind of lost interest along the way. The twists were pretty predictable and I didn’t really care for any of the characters. It had an intriguing concept and was pretty faced paced, overall a solid three stars.

*Many thanks to Wednesday Books for the gifted copy for my honest review!*

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