When You Get the Chance by Emma Lord


My heart has never felt so full after finishing a book.  I loved this book so much, Millie is now one of my favorite book characters of all time.  I laughed with her, cried with her, and could relate so much to her outgoing personality.  This was such a wholesome, loving book about family, finding yourself, and friendship.  I absolutely loved all of the romance also, I was almost swooning.  My cheeks almost hurt from how much I was smiling while reading this book.  You definitely can’t go wrong with a gender reversed Mamma Mia story.

Millie Price is an aspiring future Broadway star living with her dorky Dad and her awesome, club-owning aunt Heather.  She just received her acceptance to the precollege of her dreams which means moving to the opposite side of the country and leaving her friends and family behind.  When she can’t get consent from her dad, she decides to try and find the mother she’s never met in hopes of getting her on her side.  Her techie best friend Teddy helps her out and finds her dad’s old journal online, identifying three women that could potentially be her mother.  While working with her arch nemesis Oliver, Millie starts digging into the three women’s past and getting to know them better in hopes of identifying which of the three is her true mom.  Along the way, Millie starts to learn more about her true self while gaining new friendships and relationships along the way.

This was an adorably sweet book that I couldn’t get enough of.  I loved the ending of this book but I wish it was longer, I want more from Millie, Teddy, Oliver, Chloe, and the rest of Millie’s family and newfound family.

*Many thanks to Wednesday Books for the gifted copy for my honest review!*

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