You Can Go Your Own Way by Eric Smith

3 Stars

Who doesn’t love a good friends to enemies then turned friends to lovers story?  This story was absolutely adorable and I loved the fact that it was centered around a pinball machine arcade, I’ve never read a book like that.  

I did enjoy this book quite a bit and most of the aspects were absolutely adorable, I just feel like the romance wasn’t for me.  I feel like our main characters would have been better off as friends and that their relationship almost felt forced in a way.  There was no chemistry between them.

Eric Smith is a brand new author to me and I really enjoyed his writing style.  His characters never felt flat to me, he really takes the time to build them up and they’re the kind of characters that you continue to think about long after you’ve finished the book.  

Thanks so much to Inkyard Press for the complimentary copy for my review!

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