5 STAR REVIEW, ARC, Book review, NetGalley

Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica


Thanks so much to Park Row Books and NetGalley for the complimentary copy for my honest review!

Just when I thought I had read a Mary Kubica book I didn’t like she proves me completely wrong. I thought I had this book all figured out. I thought I knew exactly who the bad person was due to the author placing certain wording throughout the book but I was so wrong. I couldn’t believe what I was reading once I got to the ending, it completely blew my mind with all of the plot twists. Be prepared for a wild ride when you read this book.

The only cons I found with this book was the timeline at the beginning, I was super confused on what was going on and when it was taking place. The other con for me was all of the characters introduced at the beginning. I was getting confused trying to keep track of who was who but just like the timeline as you read more into the book it all starts to make sense.

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