Review of I See You by Molly McAdams


What the heck just happened? Did I really find a Molly McAdams book that I didn’t like and honestly couldn’t finish the last 100 pages of?

This book is about Aurora who after one night at a party with a random guy becomes instantly hooked on him and can’t get him out of her head. She goes to random parties every weekend to try and find him again even though they both agreed it would only be a one night thing. While searching for him one night she meets a new guy named Declan and they start dating and eventually move in together but she still can’t get the mystery guy out of her head. Little does she know her mystery guy is intertwined more into her and Declan’s life than she could imagine.

First off please tell me I wasn’t the only one constantly confused by where I was at in the book. Almost every chapter bounced from “That Night” to “Present Day” to “A Month Ago”. I was so dang confused about what was going on, what had already happened, and then we’re talking about something that happened months ago. Like, huh??? I feel like that played a huge part in me DNFing this book because I was so dang lost and gave up trying to figure out where I was.

Another thing I disliked were the characters. I couldn’t stand any of them honestly. I felt like Aurora needed to grow a backbone and go after what she actually wanted regardless of what everyone thought especially the psycho mom.

I’m not done ranting about this book but I could probably go on forever so I’ll just leave it at this.

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