Review of The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory


The moment when you’re so excited to read the book after hearing all the hype about it and you hype yourself up and then, disappointment sets in.  After everything I’ve been hearing about this book I thought it was going to be phenomenal and a book I couldn’t put down but sadly I was mistaken.  Granted, romance is not a normal genre I gravitate for but I’m not saying I’m completely opposed to it and refuse to read it period, I just didn’t care for this book.

This book is about Nik who while at a baseball game with her boyfriend sees a marriage proposal written on the JumboTron with her name on it, only misspelled, she thinks someone else in the stadium is getting proposed to.  Then she turns to see her boyfriend of 5 months down on one knee holding a ring box.  Nik can’t believe this is happening when they never even said I love you to each other but unfortunately her boyfriend is being serious.  Luckily two complete strangers from the crowd, Carlos and Angela, come to her rescue and get her out of the stadium ASAP. Nik starts to find herself drawn to Carlos and his family but knows that she’s not ready for a serious relationship anytime soon after getting burned one too many times. Carlos, on the other hand, has other feelings that he can’t ignore.

The writing style of this book was fine and the characters were fine if not maybe a little ridiculous at times but I could just not get into this book no matter how many times I picked it up and put it back down. The plot was a little weird to me because in normal romance books, at least the ones I’ve read, the woman is the one pushing for the guy to be serious and commit and it’s the guy that’s hightailing it out the door. In this book the roles of that were switched and it might have been a little too sappy for my taste I guess.

Still giving it a 3 out of 5 stars because there were certain areas in the book I enjoyed reading and I still managed to finish the whole book so that’s a plus.

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